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“The ACA World Service Organization donation fund flow model is based on a suggested 60/40 disbursement. After the group meets its monthly expenses and sets aside money for a prudent reserve, 60 percent of what is left over is sent to the Intergroup and 40 percent is sent to the WSO. A prudent reserve usually is the amount that equals two month’s worth of meeting expenses. The meeting expenses would include rent, utilities, and other group expenses.” ACA Fellowship Text, pg. 609.

If you are the treasurer of your group, you can use the button below to transfer your group’s 7th Tradition contribution to intergroup, using PayPal directly or by mail.

Please be sure to tell us which group is making the donation.  For checks, please write the group number on the check in the memo area.  (Please make check payable to SE Florida Intergroup). For PayPal transfers, please use the form below to tell us who you are.

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Here are some ways you can donate as an individual

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By Mail

P.O. Box 31722

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420


Submit your donations on the website.