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“The ACA World Service Organization donation fund flow model is based on a suggested 60/40 disbursement. After the group meets its monthly expenses and sets aside money for a prudent reserve, 60 percent of what is left over is sent to the Intergroup and 40 percent is sent to the WSO. A prudent reserve usually is the amount that equals two month’s worth of meeting expenses. The meeting expenses would include rent, utilities, and other group expenses.” ACA Fellowship Text, pg. 609.

Let's Make A Change

Your group's 7th Tradition contribution to Intergroup may be processed through Zelle® or Mail.

Please make checks payable to FL SE ACA INTERGROUP, INC and note the group FL # in the memo area. To use Zelle®, please see below.

Thank you!

Here are some ways you can donate as an individual:

Zelle® Online Donations

If you are familiar with Zelle®, please follow the instructions on your right to make a donation to IG.

  1. Access Zelle via Smartphone or Banking App

  2. Business Contact Name: SE FL ACA INTERGROUP

  3. Enter Email Address:

  4. In comments box, please put your NAME and FL # of your meeting.

If you don't have Zelle®, you can access the app through your smartphone or personal banking app. Instructions for both options can be found by clicking the appropriate button on your right. After you download, please come back and follow the above instructions.

Mail Check

SE FL ACA Intergroup, Inc.

P.O. Box 31722

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420

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